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Hey there!

Do you often feel like your life is one big rush?

Whether you make it on time or not (like me), you’re running from one thing to the next without any time to breathe in between. You're trying to do it all — and do it all perfectly. All too often, you feel half-alive.

Well, pull up a chair.

My name is Michaela.

I help my fellow perfectionists create an unrushed life by building up small habits and simple routines to manage their space, time, and health — while acknowledging that life will always be imperfect, despite our best-laid plans. And that's okay.


I do this through my blog, email newsletter, and PDF guides.



You’re in college or working full-time. Maybe you just became a new wife or mom.

Or, you're in some other extremely busy situation.

This leaves you with quite a long to-do list to get done in between all of those big dreams you want to accomplish... and often it's a struggle just to fit in all the necessary stuff (you know, like eating and sleeping).

Cue the

stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.


to work harder, be better, and get more done in less time.

Even if

But it never works.

you know how to get places on time unlike myself 

(thanks in advance if you have any tips),

you still never stop feeling

LIKE YOU'RE LIVING IN A time defecit.


Your mind 

This means

your space


Now that I mention it,

your schedule


And your health

(mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual)

feels the effects.

IMG_8230 2.JPG


(as someone whose high school superlative was Most Likely to Be Late to Graduation and was once late to an etiquette banquet of all events)


My struggle with BEING ON TIME

is exactly why I understand your struggle

with living a rushed life.


So, here is my first confession.

As I'm writing this all out, I'm realizing this is a really big problem.


And this is the point where the blog expert people tell me I need to offer a solution for the problem or else you will run away.


Well, this is a little awkward, because I definitely don't have it all figured out, even though I understand the issue well.

But wait!

Don't run away just yet.



I can't magically

solve all of your

perfectionistic problems

for you...

but this is what I can do:

Share tales of running late and other awkward stories from times I definitely did not have things in order that will make you feel much better about yourself and realize you're not alone

Share the simple habits that are helping me at the moment because I probably put off trying them for a long time since they seemed too easy to make a difference and I don't want you to be like me​

Remind you that you don't have to do it all perfectly to live a really good, meaningful life, mainly because I already have to remind myself of this every day since I hardly ever listen even though I know it's true

As a Christ follower who believes the life-changing truth of the Bible, I can also point you to the One who can actually give you the wisdom to solve your problems because He cares about every aspect of your life, no matter how small or silly it may seem to you

Imagine this:

You become aware of the habits and routines driving your life and learn to take back your power over them.


You gain clarity by figuring out the actual goals you are working toward and values you want to shape your life around so you can restructure your habits and routines to fit them, rather than trying to do absolutely everything and do it all perfectly.

You find ways to simplify your habits and routines, automating them so that you don't even have to think about writing a new to-do list each morning when you wake up.

You notice your space feels more put-together more often.

You have time to rest, exercise, read, paint, work on your fun side gig, or whatever else you never seem to be able to do (without guilt, at least) because you've intentionally made time for these things and know everything else will still get done.

The nagging feeling that you're never doing enough and just need to be better falls away because you start to truly believe it's okay to not do everything perfectly.

Your mind (and whole life) is calmer, slower, and more peaceful.


To put it another way, I want to share ways to make everything you do easier that you just haven’t had time to sit down and figure out yet... and help you start to see your  perfectionistic self through a lens of grace while I'm at it



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